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Client Success Stories

Swap Bitsaa

Client: Kunbi developed software that allows users to swap their cryptocurrency into real money.

Challenge: He couldn’t partake in one-on-one meetings so we had to research in the client’s absence.

Result: We grasped the concept of cryptocurrency with thorough research and created a cryptocurrency company pitch deck presentation, clearly highlighting Swap Bitsaa’s functionality. It was immediately approved.

cryptocurrency business ideas presentation
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Client: Sreeja and Amruth created a concentrated hand wash, which can be condensed into sachets. The environment-friendly business uses reusable bottles to reduce plastic waste.

Requirement: A beautiful story to connect with the audience.

Result: We constructed a comprehensive storyboard, highlighting their USPs. The pitch deck presentation demonstrates how the economically sound business will attract climate-conscious people. The data-backed story proved their potential and they got funded.


Client: Renee wanted to build ContigoU as a platform with all information on manually operated nursing homes.

Challenge: To accumulate brilliant yet personal stories into one business pitch deck presentation and convince investors.

Result: We conducted 6 one-on-one workshops to understand Renee’s business story and compiled a presentation displaying all things exciting about the brand and the founder. Spoiler alert: it got funded.

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How do we make a pitch deck presentation easy for you?

Fundraising shouldn’t be daunting. We conduct multiple workshops to bring out the best of your business. The 6-month support after investor pitch deck delivery ignites confidence in our clients and they pitch with ease.

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The Discovery Session

The work begins with a kick-off call — a crucial step to finding an ideal angle for a pitch deck presentation that reflects your business. A question-answer session helps you to reflect on your business from an investor’s point of view.

2 professional pitch deck


We dig deep to understand who you are as a business. Your existing decks, material, metrics, and KPIs serve as research material. We gather facts from your product users to derive the best qualities of your business. Moreover, there’s nothing more convincing than the truth.

3 create a pitch deck

Discussion and approval

We work by your side to brainstorm ideas and find a narrative for your pitch deck. It’s a crucial step to build a pitch deck that strikes the perfect balance between your requirements and investors’ expectations.

4 business pitch ideas

Crafting a deck flow and storyline

We decide on the storyline and deck structure with a conversive design that goes further than decoration. We pride ourselves on our design and storyline as it builds a personal connection with the audience. Our storytelling pitch decks have driven immense results for our clients.

5 business model slide pitch deck

Writing Content

Wordy slides with industry jargon are unnecessary and confusing. We create crisp content that covers all investors’ queries. It’s short enough to remember but conveys it all.

6 award winning pitch decks

Deliver Final Pitch Deck Design

You receive two slide and design options; choose the one you prefer— we aim for full client satisfaction. We deliver pitch decks with compelling colour schemes, fonts, licensed images and illustrations to convey your brand story so investors get a breathtaking presentation experience. Want to be the next unicorn? A pitch deck makes all the difference.


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